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Next ETC meeting – Feb 1st, 2007 (feels strange to type that), Main Library, Dalton room 2 pm

Topic-  what should we have in a staff Technology Tool box?

This could be a list gadgets, software and/or web 2.0 application sites  that staff should be familiar with.

If you have thoughts on this, please feel free to add a comment.

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Meeting Review

A great first meeting with lots of sharing and ideas. I won’t post them all here, since I’ve asked each staff member who gave a small presentation on a new technology to add a post about it on the blog. But I can recap what the presentations were:

  • Catalog Widgets & Firefox add ons – Frank Blair
  • MTI Technology Lab – Carol Myers
  • Catalog stuff (Endeca & Library Thing) – Natalie Mikysa
  • Visual Search Tools – Lydia Towery

That was all we had time to cover. More reports next time. In the meantime, check out the links provided in Lydia’s post ( There’s some neat stuff here) and I hope to see other posts from Frank, Carol & Natalie soon, so we can follow up on those as well.

Next Mtg date:  Proposed date on the table Sept 12th, 2pm  Please use comments to le me know if this date works.  Thx

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1st Meeting Notes

A hour and half of dialog, numerous website references to check out and plethora of ideas and technologies to explore (oh, and some doublestuff Oreos too!). I’d say the first meeting of the Library’s newly formed technology team was a success.In true Library 2.0 fashion, we’ve decided to approach this effort by using a blog to help capture and communicate our findings and travels as we begin to explore both current technologies being embraced by libraries (wikis, podcasting, etc.) and those technologies that are still on the horizon (social searching tools, shotcodes, etc. – just to name a few).Anyway, here’s the drill of what we talked about …

Focus of ETC team – The purpose of the ETC team is to:

  • evaluate and explore new technologies for their potential use in libraries
  • examine emerging social and virtual trends
  • assist in developing beta tests and/or pilot programs that support the library’s mission for possible system-wide implementation

Communication tool for both staff & team — this blog (so be sure to grab yourself the RSS feed)

Blog Authors — every member of the ETC team has authorship to this blog and is encouraged to post their discoveries and findings here.

Bookmarking Tool for articles & resources — a group account (still working on how to do this – it looks like we’ll need to establish a network and a common tag to be able to import a blogroll here – more later)

Team Meetings – Schedule of regular meeting intervals still TBD, however the team did like the approach of everyone investigating a new/emerging technology on their own and using the meeting times to share brief presentations of what we’ve learned with each other.

In additional to sharing these findings during the meetings with each other, we will also blog about these here as well as schedule some mechanism that will foster greater sharing of findings will all staff.The sharing sessions part of the Emerging Technology Committee meetings will always occur at the beginning of the meeting and will be open for all and any staff member to attend.

Discovery Assignments:

Martin –
Helene – emerging social search tools
Natalie – emerging catalogue enhancement trends
Mary – Wink/ screencasting options
Ian – wikis (how other libraries are using them)
Lydia – Grokking/visual search tools
Chuck- Druppal
Carol – MIT media lab
Rich – video ipod possibilities

Next Meeting: Thursday, July 6th 2pm – IMG

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