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Visual Searching Tool Links

Here are some of the data visualization tools that I will be demonstrating in our meeting today:

Notice the visual searching component of library holdings on the left.

Includes vertical relationships (subcategories), visualized as circles within circles.  Squares are the visual representation of articles.  Grokker tool works best with a controlled vocabulary.

  • Tagnautica–Explore the Flickr Tag Space (Flash 8 required)

Horizontal relationships between Flickr photos based on image tags. 

Includes synonym and antonyms, as in a traditional thesaurus.

  • Inxight StarTree at the NSDL (National Science Digital Library)

Hierarchical links to files, documents and Web pages.  Includes descriptive mouse-overs.

  • Webbrain the Smartest Place to See the Web

Connects websites with tree at the top of the screen and search results at the bottom.

I hope to add more interesting examples of Visual Search Tools soon.



July 6, 2006 at 11:16 am 1 comment

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