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December meeting minutes

Video Hosting Sites

 in attendance: Mary Kyle, Natalie Mikysa, Helene Blowers, Ian Rennie, Matt Roach, Matt Gullet, Lydia Towery

The topic of this meeting centered on video hosting sites.

Mary Kyle spoke about some interesting video hosting sites such as internet video mag which one can use to view product reviews. This site is comparable to Consumer Reports.

Mary also talked about Veoh, which is a site from which you can access videos organized under several  categories.

 Helene recently blogged about video hosting sites here.

 How can we use these tools?

 -You Tube

  • Advertise for programs
  • Document programs
  • create book trailers

Ian mentioned that the Denver Public Library has a youtube competitionfor teens where they can submit videos to youtube and tag them so that they will all be part of a competition. 

Perhaps we could also do this and come up with a distinct tag so that we could collate all submissions.  Matt Roach volunteered to look into the possibility of having a competition through Imaginon for Teen Tech Week (March 4th-11th) – Helene Blowers offered a 512 megabyte mp3 player as a prize for the winning video.

Helene mentioned the tool scenemaker which allows you to edit videos from a url.

 Matt Gullet mentioned a site called muvee (we were unable to get the correct spelling as of yet) which allows you to upload pictures and combine them with audio. 


hHw could we use these online tools to change the face of programming? This is something I have personally been interested in as I have been involved in the Future of Reference SSP and foresee a growth in online programming that patrons can access remotely.  Helene mentioned that the Orange  County Library in Florida,, has online tutorials and videos on their website.  They use ‘Breeze’ through Macromedia.  This is apparently expensive but good software.

Online programming could consist of interactive tutorials, videos of presenters, demonstrations of recordings of prior programs.  What if allowed patrons to comment or post more information? Perhaps the online programs would show up in the catalog or else alongside relevant online resources.

 It is agreed that the placement of tutorials or online programming would need to be clear and intuitive.

Staff Involvement

 Video contests!  How do we get staff involved in using these tools?

Ian discussed the possibility of making an envisionware video that could be viewed by people setting up new print accounts to save staff from rote activities.

Lydia wondered how we could use these tools to empower staff.  Could we use these tools to create and document programming? Can we use these tools to create training programs for staff? 

Helene mentioned that the library will be purchasing a tool for video editing and that Lori can set up training workshops for interested staff.

We can also do

-book talks

-intros (on the intranet, linked to staff profiles)

-staff could make videos that show interesting things about the branches

-Storytimes could be recorded and played back through the website for remote children’s programming.

 Ian stated that it was important for videos to be embedded, not buried in links. Documents that have to be saved then opened discourage patron use.

Other Ideas

What about living history projects? Members of the community could come in to Studio I at Imaginon and create living history videos which we could provide access to online.  This fits into the role of the library as cultural record for the community.

 If I have forgotten anyone or anything, please leave a comment!


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Technology Tool Box

Next ETC meeting – Feb 1st, 2007 (feels strange to type that), Main Library, Dalton room 2 pm

Topic-  what should we have in a staff Technology Tool box?

This could be a list gadgets, software and/or web 2.0 application sites  that staff should be familiar with.

If you have thoughts on this, please feel free to add a comment.

Thanks & Happy Holidays


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